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(This is and will always be a work in progress. Last updated 2018-07-14)



I was born on New Years Day, many years ago, the second of 10 children of the late Henry and Rita. I married my wife Jan in 1986. We have two children, Lindsay, a graduate of the Wharton School of Business, and Nicholas, a graduate of Emerson College. Lindsay is married to a pretty good guy named Stephen; they have two daughters, Elise and Juliette.


I am Professor of Mathematics at the University of Arkansas, Fayettevile. My research specialty is Complex Function Theory, but I have some work in other related areas of analysis. My Curriculum Vitae includes a list of publications.

In Fall 2019 I am teaching Math 5533 Real Variables I and Math 3103 Combinatorics.

You might want to check out my department's page.


I am more or less the Math Department's expert on TeX. See me (or write) if you need any help with TeX or LaTeX.


Jan and I are folk dancers, and are closely associated with most of the folkdance groups in Fayetteville. Read about them here, or follow links to other dance groups in the region. We helped to found the performance group Anoush. Jan runs the dances of the Fayetteville International Folk Dancers, and I help to run the Fayetteville Traditional Dance Society and its dances.

I am also a member of the Country Dance and Song Society of America (CDSS). They are good people; support them by becoming a member.

luecking at uark dot edu